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Swiss organisation with over 30 years of experience

Les Elfes is a Swiss organization with over 30 years of experience working with children. With a client base spanning all the continents, we offer opportunities to young adults between the ages of 7 and 18 years, to discover and learn beyond formal education in an international environment.

We organise summer, winter & spring camps for 7-18 year olds in Switzerland. Our focus is on adventure sports, leadership & personality development via experiential learning. We help your child find an extra edge & discover strengths through sports & planned activities and gain self-confidence, social & leadership skills.

Internationalism through exposure and networking with other young adults from over 30 other countries helps the child discover and learn beyond formal education. Les Elfes camps is a place for adventure, fun, skill development, making friends & creating long term memories

Adventure Sports

Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, parasailing & more

Personality Development

Leadership & career orientation workshops

Skill Development

Journalism, photography, theatre, art, music & more


Workshops on Web Identity & Etiquettes

Educational Excursions

UN, CERN, Olympic Museum, chocolate factory, cheese factory etc

Two weeks of adventure sports and personality development programs along with youth from over 100 nations, summer programs are the ideal stepping stone for great internationalism and move towards being the perfect global citizen & a great profile builder.

Mostly one to two week programs over December & January, they are pure ski camps for the learner to the advanced skier. An extremely international environment in Verbier where we host children from over a 100 countries

Mostly two week programs spanning over four sessions from April to May. An ideal mix of skiing & age focused personality development programs like leadership & career building. Other adventure sports like parasailing & mountain biking & cultural excursions also included.

Thank u once again for the fabulous care and a wonderful time. Kids have had a blast and can’t stop talking about the trip and all u guys. It’s been a superb association with you and all the members of les elfes.. Looking forward to many such camps in the future

Shefali Shah

Parent, Mumbai

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