How difficult is it to learn skiing?

Skiing for the first time is a surprise. The first week ends with the ability of learning how to ski. The second time you come back on higher slopes. And by the third time you are a legend.

What is the main language at the camp?

Even if Verbier is located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, the main language spoken at our spring camps, summer camps or winter camps is English. All our staff is fluent in English.

What is the maximum time my children can spend at the camp?

There is no time limit that your child can stay at Les Elfes camps. The spring camps schedules are two weeks; the summer camp 2/ 3/ 4 week sessions and in the winter camps the minimum stay is 1 week.

Are boys and girls in the same chalets?

In Verbier, we propose spring, summer and winter camps. We have 2 chalets next to each other and boys and girls are separated in the different chalets. Each room accommodates 2-4 students from the same age category. Each room has a private bathroom.

During Spring when the participants are in Zermatt, we divide the group gender-wise on the floors and there are supervising adults on each floor.

Is it possible to have a double room for my children?

Yes it is possible to have a double room but this is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. There is a 100.-CHF extra charge per child per day to stay in a double room.

What are the children’s nationalities attending the camps?

International Students come from all over the world and Les Elfes is proud to welcome participants from over 55 different nationalities every year.

What about my child of 7 years who may get bullied by the 18 year olds at the camp?

All children are divided into groups according to age with close supervision by Monitors. Bullying is considered a serious offense and offenders may also be sent home after due warning.

What kind of food is served at Les Elfes?

Les Elfes wants to give students what’s best for them and therefore serves well balanced menus of international food freshly cooked daily. Les Elfes can also cater for any special requirements such as food allergies, religious diet, vegetarian diet etc.

Can you provide a clothes list for the students to bring along?

Les Elfes provides you with a list of clothes to bring after the registration of your child is complete and finalized, depending spring summer or winter activities. (For detailed lists drop a mail to or contact your LE rep)

What is the weather like in the summer and in the winter?

The weather in the winter is mountain style weather, with cold temperatures between 5°c and -10°C, with snowfalls.

In the summer Switzerland enjoys a beautiful weather with temperatures of between 15°C in the mornings and 25°C in the afternoons with highs of up to 30°C.

Is the initial deposit included in the price?

Yes and the deposit required to secure your child’s registration will be deducted from the total amount of your final invoice.

What kind of insurance is required?

It is compulsory to have health and accident insurance. Les Elfes, in collaboration with SWISS CARE offers a complete insurance policy that covers all and any kind of medical requirements, other than pre existing ailment.

Is there an emergency number to contact the camp?

The emergency number is +41 786361332. For any emergency the parent or guardian an call on this number at any hour.

What is the mobile phone policy for the children?

Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones during daytime activities for safety reasons and also not to disturb the activities. However every day they are allowed to pick up their mobile phone at Les Elfes reception and use it from 5-8pm.

What is the best time to contact our children when they are at your camp?

The best time to call your children is ideally between 19.00 and 20.00 Swiss time (GMT+1) in order not to disturb the activities.

Do your instructors carry mobile phones in case of emergency?

All our instructors carry a mobile phone at all times that allows them to react very quickly in case of emergency.

Can Les Elfes help for the visa procedure?

Indian participants require Schengen visa valid for the period of the camp. Refer to or email us on for details.

What kind of transfers are offered from the airport to the camp and back to the airport?

Les Elfes offers return transfers from and to the airport, It is also possible to organize a pick up from a hotel in Geneva or Lausanne. In case you child is travelling as a part of the chaperoned

What about the children who arrive by themselves to Geneva not chaperoned?

Thousands of kids and teenagers go on holidays without their parents every year and they have a great – and perfectly safe – time. Many of the risks that are associated with children flying alone can be overcome by using common sense and taking a few basic precautions. The following tips will help both children traveling solo and those responsible for the child to deal with many of the problems that may be encountered. 

What can we do to prevent homesickness in the children?

Homesickness is one concern; children might develop before and while attending holiday camp. Be assured, that this is normal! We would like to give you some advice on how to deal with this type of concern. 

What benefits do I get if I return to Les Elfes camps successive years?

Repeat participants are entitled to a discount of 5% and the benefits of advanced skills in the sports of their choice.

What benefits do I get for registering early?

The first 50 registrations get an early bird discount of 5%.

Whom do I do for in case of problems for remittance of camp fee?

For any kinds of problems related to camp fee, money remittance or foreign exchange please drop us a line at

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