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Our focus is on adventure sports, leadership & personality development via experiential learning. We help your child find an extra edge & discover hidden strengths through sports & planned activities and gain self-confidence, social & leadership skills.


Les Elfes, a Swiss Organization since 1987, offers holistic programs that provide young adults activities and opportunities to work nearly 360 degrees on themselves and discovers hidden dimensions of their personality. Les Elfes organize Spring, Summer & Winter Camps for ages 7-18 years and works with over 5000 campers coming from more than 50 nations during the course of the year for the various programs offered at our three locations in the Valais Canton. Through its 14 hours of per day program, Les Elfes ensures all-round development of every participant in a truly safe, global & international environment.

Our core thrust Is “Experiential Learning” as it stimulates original thinking and develops a wide range of thinking strategies and perpetual skills which are not called forth by books or lectures

Our endeavour is focused towards the nurturing and challenging of the young mind. To move them out of comfort zones, to help them think for themselves on their feet. To help them gain confidence though a sense of self achievement. To help in becoming resilient and independent young person. Our experienced staff introduce steps to see a progression in all of our campers. Our Campers can overcome emotional & psychological challenges and hurdles as there are no prejudged notions helping them to build up their self esteem and inward strength. The Les Elfes experience enhances good social skills that allow children to grow up to be successful adults.

The Les Elfes experience equips them with personal skills that makes them confident, adjusted and contributing global citizens of our flattened world. A session at Les Elfes is truly a life changing experience

Adventure Sports
Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, parasailing & more
Personality Development

Leadership, Mountain Biking, Eco Attitudes & Orienteering ,  Sports Dynamics & Strategy

Skill Development

Press Room, In Focus, Dragons Den, Junior Apprentice, Night Navigation & Orienteering, Bush Craft & Wilderness Survival

Hands on Work Experience for 15+ under guidance of a mentor
Certified Courses
All the courses we offer are Certified Courses. These include Skiing & other alpine sports in Winter & Spring . Leadership, Skill Development in Spring & Summer & Languages Programs in Summer.
Educational Excursions
UN, CERN, Olympic Museum, chocolate factory, cheese factory, Swiss Parliament etc.
Chaperoned Sessions From India
To add a personal touch every year we have sessions led by senior Les Elfes Team members in Winter, Spring and Summer. Our experienced Les Elfes Team Members travel from India to the campsite, stay with them for the entire duration of their stay and return with them.

I have sent both my kids to Les Elfes. Tanya and Akshay, have very different personalities & very different interests. Les Elfes was their first independent trip they did without their family. The amazing part is they both came back with the same very positive experience. Akshay, who was in the camp with you this year is giving details to us every day as he relives the experience in his mind. He had a wonderful time and I thank you for making this happen. Your confidence and positive attitude and your experience with this camp made it easy for us to send our kids. I will spread the positive word around. Thanks for everything.

Rupal Fadia


“I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well-organized summer camp may be of more value
educationally than a whole year of formal school work.”

Charles Elliot

Our Programs

Les Elfes is a Swiss organization with over 30 years of experience working with children. With a client base spanning all the continents, we offer opportunities to young adults between the ages of 7 and 18 years, to discover and learn beyond formal education in an international environment.


Les Elfes was an extremely enjoyable camp and I really enjoyed everything that it had to offer. From the skiing to the hunts, it was all perfect. We also had the chance to make many new friends, some whom we’ve still kept in touch with and talk to. In my opinion, Les Elfes was a trip that has given me a lot of memories and I’d love to hold on to these memories. There is nothing to change in the camp, it’s perfect just the way that it is. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn something new every day.

Ameerah Singh


Thank you for your elaborate and incisive analysis of my daughter Naureen’s personality. I must admit that as a parent we tend to overlook some characters, especially the negative ones, of one’s own child. But it is gratifying to read so many positives also. Even if we had a gut feeling of what our daughter’s personality is, another person’s educated analysis is expected to be neutral and closer to the truth. We thank you for your efforts, Naureen was all praise for the way you all took care of the children; I think you must love your job since you put in a lot extra. She still isn’t done with the Swiss stories.

Dr. Shamina Azeez, PhD


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