Les Elfes was an extremely enjoyable camp and I really enjoyed everything that it had to offer. From the skiing to the hunts, it was all perfect. We also had the chance to make many new friends, some whom we’ve still kept in touch with and talk to. In my opinion, Les Elfes was a trip that has given me a lot of memories and I’d love to hold on to these memories. There is nothing to change in the camp, it’s perfect just the way that it is. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn something new every day.

Ameerah Singh


Thank you for the personality test and thoughts on both Shloka and Vedant. Above all thank you and the ENTIRE team for a fantastic experience for the kids. They could not stop talking about their days at the camp, the friends they have made and the things they learnt. We think the camps are run with great swiss professionalism and thoughtfulness and the Les Elfes India team brings the Indian warmth these kids needed when they are so far from home. Fun-filled days for the kids and excellent communication for anxious parents. A great combination and we will definitely recommend Les Elfes to others, we certainly hope our kids will be back soon! Thank you and a special thank you to Ruchi for introducing us to Les Elfes and taking that extra care especially for Vedant.

Ashish Mehta


Thank you Les Elfes my quiet son has returned as quite a chatterbox. He can’t stop talking about his summer with you and the friends he made from all over the world. Even his school teacher is commenting on a new confidence emerging. Cant thank you enough He will surely be back next year.

Ritu Kapoor


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for how you took care of Aadi for all 15 days he was with you. He cannot stop talking about the experience he had away at the camp. Will always be indebted to you guys for every little details of perfection you had in the schedules. Aadi is missing the camp so much has already made me promise to send him back next year as well.

Sonal Sehgal


Raghav had a wonderful time at les Elfes and found skiing very interesting. It was a whole new experience for him, from being on his own n yet being with so many with different backgrounds. Evening outings were the first of his life and he really enjoyed new recipes of European cuisine. He just can’t stop talking about it n is keen to go back. Thank You for such a wonderful experience

Nidhi Jindal


Thank you for your elaborate and incisive analysis of my daughter Naureen’s personality. I must admit that as a parent we tend to overlook some characters, especially the negative ones, of one’s own child. But it is gratifying to read so many positives also. Even if we had a gut feeling of what our daughter’s personality is, another person’s educated analysis is expected to be neutral and closer to the truth. We thank you for your efforts, Naureen was all praise for the way you all took care of the children; I think you must love your job since you put in a lot extra. She still isn’t done with the Swiss stories.

Dr. Shamina Azeez, PhD


Hello Les Elfes Team. It is me Raghav Mittal from Surat. I really appreciate the work you all are doing, getting kids from all countries together and I am eagerly waiting for the day I can visit Switzerland again with kids from all around the world. My mom is getting so jealous of me, it’s hilarious. She wishes she was a kid today so even she could have spring camps like this one as there was no Les Elfes when she was my age. I hope this day comes asap so I can enjoy my fullest and have the time of my life. Thank you, Lots of Love.



I have sent both my kids to Les Elfes. Tanya and Akshay, have very different personalities & very different interests. Les Elfes was their first independent trip they did without their family. The amazing part is they both came back with the same very positive experience. Akshay, who was in the camp with you this year is giving details to us every day as he relives the experience in his mind. He had a wonderful time and I thank you for making this happen. Your confidence and positive attitude and your experience with this camp made it easy for us to send our kids. I will spread the positive word around. Thanks for everything.

Rupal Fadia


Dia Hemranjani

Moksh Hemranjani

Anahita Khurana

Sadhika Rai

Suvedh Aggarwal

Garima Aggarwal

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