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April – May

The Spring Camp (late April till early June) has been designed around the Indian School Summer holidays. During this camp, the program offers a unique opportunity with a mix of high-end winter and summer adventure sports during the two-week experience. The campers have the opportunity to mix winter activities including glacier skiing with summer activities. This program is consolidated to give an experience neither the Indian Schools or the parents can offer.

Through its 14 hours of sessions per day program, Les Elfes ensures all-round development of every participant over the two weeks in a truly safe, global & international environment.

Internship 15+ plus post grade 10

Our internships combine classroom knowledge with practical application, fostering career exploration and skill development. Participants gain work experience, leadership abilities, and essential soft skills. The program empowers campers to take on roles within the camp, honing communication and leadership abilities. They work alongside experienced professionals, gaining valuable insights and recognition upon completion.

Adventure Sports

  • Skiing an integral part of individual development remains a key focus. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, the students’ progress in the sport from the level they are at.
  • Professional & Trained Instructors Our team of fully qualified ski and snowboard guides take care of students in groups of 2-7, with full-day guiding, lunch on the mountain and breaks throughout the day.
  • Certificates are awarded to celebrate every achievement of the participants
    Other Alpine Sports offer the participants experience in mountain biking, orienteering, para-gliding, bridge swinging, rope course, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, rappelling etc.

Personality Development Courses
Leadership Workshops at Les Elfes during Spring transcends the logistics of leading a group.
We concentrate our core focus and goals on how these workshop activities can  influence attitudes and behaviour of participants as future leaders. Character foundational experiences are curated so participants emerge as strong leaders & develop a strong concept of self-worth, fairness, equality, honesty, and in becoming positive role models of society.Six sessions of two hours each through the two-week spring schedule . The courses are dynamic, both content and topics change each year to suit the ever-changing needs of this age group

Courses offered include:

  • Adventurers  8-10 yrs
  • Young Toastmasters for 8-10 yrs
  • Coach Your Way  11-13 yrs
  • Future Leaders for 11-14 yrs+
  • Mountain Biking  14 yrs+

Skill Development Clubs
The three sessions start with establishing an objective and focuses on a target/ goal at completion. The program end with each club exhibiting their achievements/ learning’s during the Talent Show.  The aim of the Clubs is to introduce concepts and skills in a play way method.
 Master Chef 8-10                      X Factor 8-10
Photo Factory 11-13 years        Shark Tank 11- 13
Dragons Den 14 + years.          Reporter Zone 14 +Years

Academic & Aesthetic Enhancement

We provide exposure to facets of science, history & culture via excursions like UN, CERN, Roman prehistoric monuments at Aosta, Italy, Chocolate Factory, Cheese Factory, Charlie Chaplin Museum, Olympic Museum etc.
For the repeat participants, there are different options available for clubs and excursions to ensure the program is as exciting & as fulfilling as the first

At Les Elfes the participants are divided into age based groups and are closely monitored by our staff enabling them to work according to their own pace.

  • SAFETY, SECURITY & SUPERVISION is the key to the success of Les Elfes Camps.
  • Risk assessments are designed and carried out daily for each activity
  • We have up-to-date medical clinics at all our resorts and access to all medical facilities within Switzerland & every participant is insured
  • Our staff is trained in the highest child-centric Swiss standards.
  • Supervision: Staff strength and 1 on 5 for the individuals.
  • Personal Touch Chaperoned Sessions In coordination with the Indian school holidays we send our senior staff member along with the participants from India for the Christmas & New Year Week Sessions They stay with them through the stay and act as the via media between the parents & the children
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