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 SKIING: Skiing is an integral part of the Program. Not only does it improve strength, flexibility and balance but also it is good for the mind and can improve overall quality of life.
At the Les Elfes Camp , individual development of the participant is the key focus. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, the student’s progress in the sport is from the level they are at, is measured. The participant receives Certificate for the Level Achieved (there are 8 levels to be accomplished) signed by the Professional Instructor, and an individualized report if the participant has been outstanding.

SNOWBOARDING: Participant can choose snowboarding if has achieved level 3 in Skiing.


“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”~Albert Einstein


While Alpine skiing/ snowboarding is often described as an individual sport. It also helps develop Leadership skills, self belief, and courage, It helps develop decision making skills. It provides massive positive reinforcement of skills already learned and allows, with professional guidance and coaching, the development of new ones. It aids the individual to overcome fear, achieve personal goals and develop all the necessary skills of a Leader. These transferrable skills can then be taken back to everyday life.


During Spring we offer many different courses and clubs, running alongside our 2-week ski and adventurous activities program. Your child participates in focused personality development programs through these.

The Experiential Learning from the PDP programs are focused on the unlocking of innate potential within young people. These dynamic and interactive workshops enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their emotional intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.


Leadership Workshops at Les Elfes during Spring transcends the logistics of leading a group. The mere mechanics of organizing others and focus on our intentions & goals and how these affect our attitudes and our actions as leaders. Developing a firm concept for self-worth, fairness, equality, honesty, and positive role models is at the forefront of building leaders who can make the best decisions in new situations, who can also be adaptable and prepared for any eventuality and have the confidence in their own ability to lead others in unknown terrain.
Six sessions of two hours each through the two week spring schedule (details here under). The courses are dynamic, both content and topics change each year to suit the ever-changing needs of this age group.

Mountain Biking 14 years+

Do you want to ride mountain trails with confidence?Enjoy the exhilaration of gripping the handlebars of a mountain bike and learn how to charge down dirt paths, up steep hills and around challenging obstacles.For safer and faster trail riding, mountain biking classes are a real benefit. You’re taught vital bike know-how, like how to position your body on the bike and how to use your senses to judge the terrain. Correct braking technique, judging cornering speed and best gear use are also key skills for developing confidence.It is an intensive program for our eldest students with each session building on the difficulty and intensity of the last to develop a confident and well-rounded technique. The course content will include: An introduction to fundamental bike skills, understanding equipment & safety, developing a dynamic body position for riding & leading others in the mountains.

Navigation & Orienteering- 7-12 years

The primary focus is of this program is inducting life skills in our campers by using the natural environment as a classroom. It’s not just about reading maps of learning to use a compass effectively but about how to pace and observe minutely.

Becoming self-reliant in unfamiliar situations and dealing with them confidently while being a responsible team player is a key takeaway

Art, Creative Writing and Theatre- 7-12 Years

Have you ever watched a bad movie or read a mediocre book and thought, “I bet I could do better?” Do words, their sounds, and their meanings pique your interest and keep you reading?  This course is for you if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. Explore fundamentals of  writing different mediums of art and aspects of theatre. It offers the participant an engaging, fun and immersive  experience aimed at helping them become more confident through a plethora of activities.

Young Toastmasters – 7-12 years

Speaking effectively before an audience is a great lifelong skill that has a multi fold effect. Confidence, quick thinking, thinking out of the box, thought sequencing are some attributes that enhance any personality and build lifelong leadership skills.
With Toastmasters, you can break barriers, by learning to overcome nervousness while addressing audiences. Here you learn not only to speak well but also the art of being a good listener, and an active and contributing participant in discussions.

Internship (After having finished Grade 10+ or equivalent exams)

Internships integrate classroom knowledge and theory with practical application. An internship not only provides the opportunity for career exploration and development of students but also encourages them to learn new skills.

An internship provides the work experience that helps students put their education into practice, develop their leadership skills and give them a competitive advantage.

Soft skills such as persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence are just some of the skills sets acquired. All these skills will help them learn to cope up with the challenges in their adult life encouraging them to learn, live and work better.Our interns have a staff mentor and responsibilities at the camp. During the day they join their groups to participate in activities but in the evenings they become a part of the Les Elfes Team to take on responsibilities on the Camp. They assist the mentors in the evening activities.Each applicant for the internship program must complete an application form and an interview to achieve one of the places on the program. Interns will receive a letter of reference which is a huge value add in college applications.Our courses aim to equip our students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Roadmap to Future- 13 years +

One of the most important skills that we can cultivate in our children is the capacity to make right choices in life. And this is a skill that can be introduced and enhanced very early in life. This program is aimed at helping young adults understand themselves better so that they can plan for their future careers. Career choices are not just based on the Academic performance but interests, aptitude and personality. This 6-session program will hand hold them through taking a pause to know themselves, prioritize their goals and perform with the help of cultivating the right habits.

Bushcraft & First Aid- 13 years +

This program is all about developing life-saving skills for crisis and emergency situations. The workshop gives you the essential skills to cater for your immediate needs in a survival situation.
This program  course is carefully designed for maximizing the transferral of skill and knowledge and is suitable for both novice and experienced alike.
This course combines an Emergency 1st Aid course with a combination of survival techniques, shelter construction, navigating in the wild and most importantly teamwork and managing stressful situations. It helps the participant build skills such as adaptability, multi tasking, thinking on their feet and team work.

The three sessions start with establishing an objective and focuses on a target/ goal at completion. The program end with each club exhibiting their achievements/ learning’s during the Talent Show.  The aim of the Clubs is to introduce concepts and skills in a play way method.

Budding Entrepreneurs 7-11

Younger participants will participate in an entrepreneurial challenge that has been modified to fit their needs. They will design and develop a product from the basic resources provided using creativity & imagination, brand it by finding a USPs , create an advertising pitch, think out a fair price strategy and beat their rival teams.

 Chef’s Table 7-11

A very popular club as the participant actually get to partake of their product. Participants learn to make dishes from scratch with simple recipes Adding to the experience is information on nutrition and ingredients that are used. They also learn how to make variations of the same dish to add a little application thinking.
The team work while cooking and creativity with the finished product is a big learning.

 Craft Studio 7-11 years

We provide the ideal chance for individuals who wants mediums to outwardly  express their imagination. Talent, creativity, productivity and achievement are terms that define the Club. The club members experiment with creative artwork by using simple, ordinary materials.
The focus of this club is to teach members fun, innovative craft techniques and help them create something they may use later.

 Shark Tank 12 + years

An entrepreneurial challenge for our older campers who will work as part of a design team to develop a product, conduct market research, identify their USPs, develop a television or online advertisement and deliver a pitch, with a pricing structure, to compete for a place in the market for their product.
Working smart, passion, collaboration, confidence in your ideas and efficient communication are a big key to future success and this is a big takeaway from this club

 Story Picker 12 + years

This Workshop offers an atmosphere and space for unleashing creativity. Collaborative creativity is the focus.
Participants share, discuss and critique each other’s work. They give you a platform for some praise and perspective. This constructive feedback helps everyone shape their stories and articles.
All Club members work together to create a camp journal which has always turned out to be a popular light-hearted recap of the camp.

Shutter Bugs 12 + Years

Photography has the unique ability to literally stop time forever.
A simple non-technical workshop to help children express themselves creatively.
Participants are given an object that they study and shoot. Technical understanding of the light and the angle add to the academic element of the club.


Paragliding all ages.

A tandem paraglide with experts in the business and fly along the gorgeous Alps. While the participants have a set of control gear, the pilot navigates and in charge of the flight at all moments.




We want to make the experience of our repeating participant as complete and overwhelming as their first time at Les Elfes. Thus, each year we introduce or change the Personality Development Courses and Skill Building Workshops and ensure that different learning outcomes and excursions are offered to them.

CHOICE OF SNOW BOARDING AS AGAINST SKIING: After achieving Level 3 in skiing, the participant may choose to start learning snow boarding.

Excursions: On arrival of the participants at campus, we discuss the various alternatives for them, to avoid any repetition of visits. Based on their choices of excursions and learning, the repeating participants experience a different cultural / economic setup.

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