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1. SKIING: an integral part of individual development is a key focus. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, the students’ progress in the sport from the level they are at. The participant receives Certificate for the Level Achieved ( there are 8 levels to be accomplished) signed by the Professional Instructor, and an individualised report if the participant has been outstanding.

SNOWBOARDING: Participant can choose snowboarding as against skiing only if has achieved level 3 in skiing.

2. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: 8 session of 2 hours each through the 2-week schedule: details here under. The courses are dynamic, both content and topics change each year

3. CLUB: 4 session of two hours each which starts with establishing an objective and focuses on a target/ goal at completion. All courses lead to holistic enrichment which makes for a successful and confident individual.


During Spring we offer many different courses and clubs, running alongside our 2-week ski and adventurous activities program. Your child participates in 24 hours of focused personality development programs
The Experiential Learning from the PDP programs is focused on the unlocking of innate potential within young people. These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which will help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their emotional Intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.

Leadership Workshops

Our leadership course at Les Elfes in spring transcends the logistics of leading a group, the mere mechanics of organising others and focus on our intentions and our goals and how these affect our attitudes and our actions as leaders. Developing a firm concept for self-worth, fairness, equality, honesty and positive role models is at the forefront of building leaders who can make the best decisions in new situations, who can be adaptable and prepared for any eventuality and have the confidence in their own ability to lead others in unknown terrain.

Leadership as a Journey (12+ years)

Leadership is a journey, not a destination “Everyone regardless of successes, needs to continually work on development and enhancement of his or her leadership style.” Pathways in life are different for everyone so we can never arrive at the destination of being the very best leader we can be unless we work on it continuously Thinking consciously & continuously about leadership is essential as this will affect our choices decisions & performance and this is the skill set we help to develop in this program for 12+

Internship (After having finished Grade 10+ or equivalent exams)

A growing facet of the Les Elfes camp our Internship courses are becoming more competitive and more sought-after each year. Our interns have a staff mentor and responsibilities at the camp. During the day they join their groups to participate in activities but in the evenings, when they wear their Les Elfes uniform. Hands on Work Experience with a mentor monitoring activities for 15+. Each applicant for the intern program must complete an application form and an interview to achieve one of the places on the program.The intern will receive a letter of reference which is a huge value add in college applications

Sports Dynamic & Strategy (12+ years)

For those who just cannot get enough of being active whilst at camp our Sports Dynamics & Strategy focuses on different invasion games. There is a lot that goes into the planning, strategy & execution of sports and its coaching. It has to facilitate and guide performance to meet the demands of each specific performance. The intent of the workshops is to produce behaviour and knowledge changes in participants so they will proceed with their sporting involvements in a more effective manner.

T.E.A.M Leadership (7-11 years)

The digital age is dramatically reshaping the rules for success It demands the renewal of your capabilities and development of different mindsets. In this workshop you’ll learn the different components of team work and emotional intelligence at work. You’ll learn how you can work effectively in groups to solve problems and critically analyse interpersonal skills It will focus on understanding group dynamics and applying that understanding to equip students to lead

Mountain Biking (14 years+)

Enjoy the exhilaration of gripping the handlebars of a mountain bike and learn how to charge down dirt paths, up steep hills and around challenging obstacles. This technical program focuses on developing a range of mountain bike techniques on varied terrain. It is an intensive program for our eldest students with each session building on the difficulty and intensity of the last to develop a confident and well-rounded technique. The course content will include: An introduction to fundamental bike skills, understanding equipment & safety, developing a dynamic body position for riding & leading others in the mountains.

Eco Attitudes & Orienteering (7-12 years)

What better time to start thinking about our relationship with the outdoors and our impact on the natural environment than through our Spring camps filled with adventurous outdoor experiences. Our new Eco Attitudes and Orienteering course is designed to teach students the value of our natural environment, how to navigate and survive using the resources available to them in the mountains and the impact our everyday habits have on the world we live in. Our impact on the environment and our relationships with the natural world have never been more relevant than they are now.

Les Clubs

Skill Development Workshops: For spring 2020 campers will have the chance to choose their own evening activities from a range of interactive and engaging 4-part clubs. These are:

The Press Room (All Ages)
Continuing from the success of our journalism clubs in previous years The Press Room will include an overview of how big media companies structure their creative process to take abstract ideas and to develop incisive press articles

In Focus (All Ages)
Our photography club this spring is all about perspective photography, stop motion and illusions Participants choose 2 clubs and in over 3 sessions of each club, they work towards a given goal.

Dragons Den (13 + years)
An entrepreneurial challenge for our older campers who will work as part of a design team to develop a product, conduct market research, identify their USPs, develop a television or online advertisement and deliver a pitch,  with a pricing structure, to compete for a place in the market for their product.

Junior Apprentice (7-12 years)
Modified to suit the younger participants, the entrepreneurial challenge for our younger ones who will work as part of a team to develop a product identify their USPs, develop an advertisement and deliver a pitch, with a pricing structure to outsell it against their competitors.

Night Navigation and Orienteering (13+ years)
For our campers we have an exciting opportunity to learn new skills using the natural environment surrounding our camp. Students can learn about much more than just map and compass skills! They can learn about the detailing & pacing which happens when the navigation is at night .They have the chance to learn to become self-reliant, a responsible member of a team and confident in challenging situations

Bushcraft, & Wilderness Survival (7-12 years+)
If you were stranded on a deserted island or had to spend a week in the wilderness would you have the necessary tools to survive and even thrive? This course is a combination of survival techniques, shelter construction, navigating in the wild and most importantly teamwork and managing stressful situations. It helps the participant build skills such as adaptability, multi- tasking, thinking on your feet,


We want to make the experience of our repeating participant as complete and overwhelming as their first time at Les Elfes. Thus each year we introduce or change the Personality Development Courses and Skill Building Workshops and ensure that different learning outcomes and excursions are offered to them.

CHOICE OF SNOWBOARDING AS AGAINST SKIING: After achieving Level 3 in skiing, the participant may choose to start learning snowboarding. Excursions: On arrival of the participants at campus, we discuss the various alternatives for them, to avoid any repetition of visits. Based on their choices of excursions and learning, the repeating participant’s experience

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