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 SKIING: Skiing is an integral part of the Program. Not only does it improve strength, flexibility and balance but also it is good for the mind and can improve overall quality of life.
At the Les Elfes Camp , individual development of the participant is the key focus. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, the student’s progress in the sport is from the level they are at, is measured. The participant receives Certificate for the Level Achieved (there are 8 levels to be accomplished) signed by the Professional Instructor, and an individualized report if the participant has been outstanding.

SNOWBOARDING: Participant can choose snowboarding if has achieved level 3 in Skiing.


“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”~Albert Einstein


While Alpine skiing/ snowboarding is often described as an individual sport. It also helps develop Leadership skills, self belief, and courage, It helps develop decision making skills. It provides massive positive reinforcement of skills already learned and allows, with professional guidance and coaching, the development of new ones. It aids the individual to overcome fear, achieve personal goals and develop all the necessary skills of a Leader. These transferrable skills can then be taken back to everyday life.


During Spring we offer many different courses and clubs, running alongside our 2-week ski and adventurous activities program. Your child participates in focused personality development programs through these.

The Experiential Learning from the PDP programs are focused on the unlocking of innate potential within young people. These dynamic and interactive workshops enable our students to develop a toolbox of teamwork skills which help them to build mature lasting relationships with friends and colleagues, create imaginative and complex solutions to problems and focus on their emotional intelligence using theories and practices from a range of academic scholars in the field of experiential learning.


Leadership Workshops 

During Spring, we offer various courses and clubs alongside our 2-week ski and adventurous activities program, focusing on personality development. The Experiential Learning PDP programs unlock young people’s innate potential, fostering teamwork skills, emotional intelligence, and imaginative problem-solving. Leadership workshops concentrate on influencing future leaders’ attitudes and behaviors, promoting adaptability, decision-making, and self-worth. Participants emerge as positive role models with strong character and readiness for leadership. The courses are dynamic, adapting to the changing needs of this age group in six two-hour sessions throughout the two-week schedule. (details here under). 

Mountain Biking 14 years+

Exploring beautiful trails and learning new skills along the way, our Mountain Biking course provides a challenging opportunity for our eldest campers to delve into self-discovery. As they navigate through the scenic paths of the Swiss Alps, participants not only engage in exhilarating experiences but also develop important life skills. With a focus on map work skills, route planning, and bike maintenance, this course instills a sense of adventure and self-reliance in our older campers. By immersing themselves in the breathtaking surroundings and overcoming various obstacles, they gain a deeper understanding of their own capabilities and resilience.

Adventurers – 8-10 years

The primary focus is of this program is inducting life skills in our campers by using the natural environment as a classroom. Engaging outdoor experiences challenge and empower our youngest campers, fostering teamwork and leadership skills. Navigating with maps and problem-solving develops important life skills.

Coach Your Way – 11-13 Years

Coach Your Way is a new program at Les Elfes, providing students with outdoor adventures and sports to develop physical abilities and essential life skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork. This hands-on approach fosters personal growth and self-confidence, encouraging campers to step out of their comfort zones and discover their strengths.

Young Toastmasters – 8-10 years

Our Young Toastmasters program offers fun and engaging activities for our youngest campers to develop communication skills. Through public speaking, art, creative writing, and movie making, participants foster creativity and confidence. Campers learn self-expression and collaboration in a supportive environment, discovering their unique voices.

Internship (After having finished Grade 10+ or equivalent exams)

Our Internship program integrates classroom knowledge with practical application, providing valuable career exploration and skill development. Participants gain work experience, leadership skills, and essential soft skills like persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. This unique opportunity allows our eldest campers to take on new roles, learning about group management, organization, and time management. By applying communication and leadership abilities in real-life scenarios, participants thrive in a competitive world and gain valuable insights into their leadership potential. The Les Elfes Head Of Animation Team provides written work experience accreditation and recognition of exhibited skills and learning during the Internship Program.

Future Leaders – 11-14 years

Our Future Leader course empowers teens with tools for effective leadership and communication. Through classroom studies and engaging outdoor experiences, students encounter leadership models and problem-solving challenges. Guided by mentorship, they develop communication and leadership abilities, equipping them to thrive in a competitive world. Experiential learning allows them to apply their knowledge and gain valuable insights into their leadership potential.


CERTIFICATION: At the end of the program the participant receives the certificate for the Leadership Program attended .

Our courses aim to equip our students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.


The three sessions start with establishing an objective and focuses on a target/ goal at completion. The program end with each club exhibiting their achievements/ learning’s.  The aim of the Clubs is to introduce concepts and skills in a play way method.

Master Chef (ages 8-10 years)

A highly sought after club  provides a unique opportunity for campers to develop valuable culinary skills while fostering teamwork. This club not only teaches them the art of cooking, but also cultivates an appreciation for food and the importance of working together in the kitchen. After a busy day of skiing and outdoor adventures, the Masterchef Club offers a fun and relaxing way for campers to unwind.
Through hands-on cooking experiences and collaborative projects, campers gain confidence and independence as they explore different recipes and techniques.

X-Factor (ages 8-10 years )

For our youngest campers who are born performers, or perhaps building the confidence to become performers, our X-Factor club is a fun and dynamic evening activity full of creative expression. In this club, campers can explore and showcase their talents in dance, music, singing, and acting. They learn how to be confident and comfortable under the spotlight, building their self-esteem and stage presence.
The X-Factor club is designed to nurture their passion for the performing arts and encourage them to embrace their unique abilities.

Shark Tank (ages 11-13 years)

For our young entrepreneurs standing out in a competitive market will give them the edge to succeed. Our Shark Tank club is a fun business design challenge where students take their project from conception to prototype, then to pitch, developing creative adverts and presentations to wow investors. By participating in this club, campers not only learn the ins and outs of the business world, but also gain valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and persuasive communication.
This hands-on experience prepares them for the real world and encourages them to think creatively and strategically to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Photo Factory (ages 11-13 years)

It is a fantastic experience to ski in the Swiss Alps and many of our campers wish to share this experience with their friends at home. Our photography club helps students to learn a range of skills with the phone cameras to better capture a great moment and complete fun challenges and games. We learn about perspective, light, and composition, enabling campers to create stunning images that truly capture the beauty of their surroundings.
WIth hands-on practice and expert guidance, campers develop their photographic eye and gain the technical skills necessary to take impressive photos.

Dragon’s Den (ages 14 years onwards)

This year we welcome our eldest campers to step into the Dragon’s Den and discover if they have what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs. Working in teams, they will develop innovative products to pitch to our investors in a thrilling and engaging business challenge. The Dragon’s Den experience not only puts their entrepreneurial skills to the test but also encourages them to think creatively, strategically, and critically. Through this exciting opportunity, campers will have the chance to showcase their talents and prove their business acumen as they strive to impress the judges and secure the support of our investors.

Reporter Zone (ages 14 years onwards)

Throughout our Spring camp, the older have the opportunity to explore the fast-paced world of media. They immerse themselves in various activities, snapping pictures, conducting interviews, and even writing exciting articles for our annual Les Elfes Spring Magazine.
This unique experience comes with a great responsibility, as the magazine serves as a cherished souvenir for all campers. Through this hands-on project, campers develop their creativity and storytelling skills, while also honing their journalistic instincts. Are you ready for the Reporter’s Zone? 

Paragliding: Fly tandem with experts over the Alps, option for photos at an extra cost.
Robotics (Ages 7-12): TechLabs brings robot, drone, and rocket building.
RealFly (Sky Diving) (Ages 12+): Indoor skydiving, guided by professionals for a thrilling experience.



We want to make the experience of our repeating participant as complete and overwhelming as their first time at Les Elfes. Thus, each year we introduce or change the Personality Development Courses and Skill Building Workshops and ensure that different learning outcomes and excursions are offered to them.

CHOICE OF SNOW BOARDING AS AGAINST SKIING: After achieving Level 3 in skiing, the participant may choose to start learning snow boarding.

Excursions: On arrival of the participants at campus, we discuss the various alternatives for them, to avoid any repetition of visits. Based on their choices of excursions and learning, the repeating participants experience a different cultural / economic setup.

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