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Les Elfes Summer Camp

June – August

Summer Camps are nothing new to the World. As far back as the early 20th century children have been sent away from home to help develop certain skills, experience the great outdoors, meet new people, to learn that all-important element of independence, and quite simply to have fun away from home! Fast forward to the present day – any global destination is now reachable on a plane, worldwide communication at the click of a button, times and attitudes have changed so the need for the summer camp exists more than ever.

At Les Elfes our Summer Camps provide more than just great activities and experiences.

  • We introduce lifelong skills such as communicating with others, without your phone or laptop, understanding the value of living in a community away from the familiar environment of home or school.
  • Having a break from the academic cycle of school and putting fun, creativity and excitement on a daily basis as the priority, is where the strength in summer camp lies
  • The experiential learning during summer aims to unlock the innate potential within the young people. It touches every aspect of a child’s personality and has multi-fold value add while keeping safety in the forefront of all planning

Summer focusses on peer-group integration for 2 or more weeks along with personality development coursed, skill development workshops, language learning from native speaking staff and alpine sports. With participants from over 50 countries, team activities between peers from pan world from an important area of this experience.

The 14 hours per day, Les Elfes programs are age-appropriate to ensure all students can participate at a level which will challenge.

Adventure Sports – Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rock  Climbing, Paragliding, Horse Riding, Tennis & Golf.

Leadership – This focuses on augmenting the innate leadership potential in each participant.

Skill Development Workshops – Leadership Training, Watch Making, Art & Cooking, Etiquettes, First Aid, Mountain Fitness are the options available

Languages – French, Spanish, German & Mandarin.

Personality Testing During Summer we also conduct test to determine Personality Type.

Internship Opportunities Alongside with experiencing the Adventure component of the camps is available for 15+ during Spring & Summer. This involves a selection process.

Academic & Aesthetic Enhancement – Exposure to facets of history & culture via many visits & excursions like UN, CERN, Roman prehistoric and Medieval monuments at Aosta, Italy, Chocolate Factory, Cheese Factory, Vevey, Chateau de Chillon(trailer)

International Interaction – With children from every continent participating in these sessions, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn from and connect with an international group.

Groups Are Divided According to Age

Discovery Camp
(7 to 11 years)
The programs here provides an ideal first camp experience for the young ones who haven’t had exposure to stepping out of home Ethos- Self-identification and independence with sensitive guidance of our experiences

Explorer Camp
(12 to 14 years)
The programs here are designed specifically to be challenging both in sports and activities. The participants explore the wild and untouched Switzerland. Ethos: Enhance decisions making abilities and understanding to adapt in a new socio environment.

Pioneers Camp
(15 to 17 years)
The programs meet the needs of the eldest at the camps. The challenges in every event at Les Elfes are structured to prepare them for the outside world and are structured to hone their leadership and team-building attributes. Ethos: Preparing them for university and the life ahead

SAFETY, SECURITY & SUPERVISION is the key to the success of Les Elfes Camps.

  • Risk assessments are designed and carried out daily for each activity
  • We have up-to-date medical clinics at all our resorts and access to all medical facilities within Switzerland & every participant is insured
  • Our staff is trained in the highest child centric Swiss standards.
  • Supervision: Staff strength is 1 adult to 8 for school campers and 1 on 5 for the individual sign up camps.

Personal Touch Chaperoned Sessions

In coordination with the Indian school holidays we send our senior staff member along with the participants from India. They stay with them through the stay and act as the via media between the parents & the children

The summer session offers the most holistic curricula towards bringing about the positive all-round change in your child’s personality. Besides the resilience, independence, confidence research has also shown that summer programs are extremely beneficial in preventing the summer learning loss

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