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Activities, Sports at les elfes summer camp

June to, August become part of a global community with participants from over 50 countries from every corner of the globe. A summer adventure with over 40 different outdoor activities, quality language classes and discovery of Switzerland with new friends from all over the world.

And furthermore with many enrichment workshops it’s the perfect setting for building a solid foundation for holistic personal development Personal Growth, Responsibility, Leadership, Self-Reliance and most importantly the opportunity to discover Sense of Self.

Summer focusses on peer group integration for 2 or more weeks along with personality development coursed, skill development workshops, language learning from native speaking staff and alpine sports. Team activities between peers from pan world forms an important area of this experience. The 14 hours per day,  Les Elfes programs are age-appropriate to ensure all students can participate at a level which will challenge them (

Summer Time Every program module offered during summer is a huge value add as it is designed to help different aspects of a Childs personality

Adventure Sports

We provide exposure to a variety of Alpine Sports

  • Mountain Biking,
  • Hiking-Overnight Or Day Trails
  • Rock Climbing,
  • Paragliding
  • Trottinettes
  • Water Sports Along Lake Geneva
  • Horse Riding
  • Tennis
  • Golf.
  • Bridge Swinging
  • Aqua Park
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Zorb Football

These help in skill development and in mental & physical development, confidence building , Team building, Testing limits and help developing a sense of self achievement.

Leadership Workshops

Through our activities giving them the tools to cultivate a leadership style which is truly their own. The experiential learning in Les Elfes Leadership is focused on the unlocking of innate potential within the young people we teach. These workshops will provide immense benefit to all the young adults who wish to get an insight into their leadership capabilities & learn how to enhance them.


8 hours per week of compulsory language lessons are conducted Languages offered are French, English, Spanish , German & Mandarin (Language lessons are offered in collaboration with the Verbier Language School These help in completing an international integrated personality, help in polishing speaking skills as mostly written skills taught in school.

Personality Testing

During Summer we also conduct a test to determine Personality Type. They provide valuable insight in trying to get an objective view of oneself They also help in discovering strengths & weakness and thus also helps us in knowing which path is better for us.

International Interaction

With children from every continent participating in these sessions, it’s an amazing opportunity to learn from and connect with an international group. Become part of a global community with participants from over 50 countries from every corner of the globe. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere where students can learn about other cultures, learn new languages, experience new foods, new styles of dance, new games and a greater understanding of the world.

Skill Development Workshops

In a constantly changing environment, having new skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies over the past five years have been matched with the transformation in technology and these are all impacting on education, the workplace and our home life. In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to find new ways of thinking and problem solving They also help them to recognize the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others.

These dynamic and interactive workshops will enable our students to develop a toolbox of skills Workshops are conducted to enhance the skill or gain experience in Watch Making, Art & Cooking & Theatre, Etiquettes, First Aid, Mountain Fitness

Internship Opportunities

Alongside with experiencing the Adventure component of the camps is available for 15+ during Spring & Summer. Internships are very important, particularly in today’s competitive world. A student who has internship and/or work experience always stands a better chance of getting into a dream college. Interns have a staff mentor who will guide them through their learning process and facilitate opportunities for them to grow through their internship experience..

During the day they join their groups to participate in adventure activities but in the evenings, when they wear their Les Elfes uniform, they become respected staff Member. This involves a selection process.

Academic & Aesthetic Enhancement

Excursions to Bern, Lausanne, Geneva (United Nations & Old Town), a cheese and a chocolate factory, Montreux (Chillon Castle) and Vevey are organized in order to provide to the children all the best Switzerland has to offer.

Exposure to facets of history & culture via many visits & excursions like CERN, Roman pre historic and Medieval monuments at Aosta, Italy.

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