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Sep 8, 2019Summer Camp

Independence, resiliency, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and the ability to relate to other people — these are the skills that tomorrow’s leaders will need, and these are the very skills adventure camp are adept at building with their vast array of activities

Tomorrow’s leaders will not be those who can type or text with lightning speed, they will be those who can have a face-to-face conversation and articulate their thoughts, ideas, and values,” -Smith.

“Tomorrow’s leaders will be able to relate globally and find common ground with people who are vastly different from themselves – people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Tomorrow’s leaders will be made and educated by experiences like those provided at camps of Les Elfes”

Les Elfes has a specially curated program for Leadership which focusses on every aspect that children in their formative years need to pay attention too. Ever evolving and continuous it treats Leadership as a journey as different individuals react to or absorb different stimuli in life in their unique way. We cover aspects such as Personal Communication, Compassion, Personal Management, Decision Making, Time Management & TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) Les Elfes Educational & Personal Development program is a question as much as an answer. Through our activities we pose questions to our young people that spark creative action and engender reflective thinking, giving them the tools to cultivate a leadership style which is truly their own. The experiential learning pedagogy employed in Les Elfes Leadership is focused on the unlocking of innate potential within the young people we teach. Les Elfes Educational & Personal Development Programs are designed and facilitated by graduates of LJMU’s Outdoor Education degree where they have studied under some of the UK’s foremost academics in the field Development Training and Outdoor Leadership. Our core focus is “experiential learning” with leadership workshops, adventure sports and skill development being the prime thrust for holistic personality development through various & varied sessions during camp.

To enable the young people we work with to discover and nurture their innate potential through outdoor adventurous activities and experiences. To develop self- confidence, independence and interpersonal skills within a unique international environment networking with fellow students from over 40 different countries. Our programs offer students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and to learn more about themselves through challenging experiences in the natural world as part of a team and sometimes as an individual and to use the tools they learn in coping with these challenges to lead others.

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