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Jul 1, 2022Summer Camp

Les Elfes Camps
Home far away from home was just a common phrase for me but it started having a meaning when i went to LES ELFES for the second time. it’s the place, the people, the town, the campus and specially the staff. as soon as i stepped inside the campus all the previous memories came rushing back to me and gave me nostalgia. being an intern, this time i learnt even more and made even more memories for a lifetime. this place and camp taught me so many life skills which will help me throughout my life. meeting so many new people from all parts of the world gives you knowledge about other cultures and beliefs. i personally have developed such an amazing relationship with my councillors and other staff members that it actually feels like second home. the place is always full of excitement, love, happiness and positivity and that is why i love les elfes.it has now become my second home and i wanna keep going back there time and again.

Diya Bansal



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