Les Elfes Camps Home away from home

Les Elfes CampsHome far away from home was just a common phrase for me but it started having a meaning when i went to LES ELFES for the second time. it’s the place, the people, the town, the campus and specially the staff. as soon as i stepped inside the campus all...

Why I Love Les Elfes Summer Camps

My second time at Les Elfes brings me altogether  new experience. After attending the  Spring camp three years ago , this year  I was very sure that i wanted t come back to Les Elfes  not because of only fun but also  as an Intern I would be entitled to  work under...
Skiing Misconceptions & Benefits

Skiing Misconceptions & Benefits

In India, we have so many misconceptions related to skiing. With over 30 years of teaching children from the world over, we at Les Elfes have a lot of the answers. How safe is skiing?Statistically, skiing is no more hazardous than bicycling or tennis. With modern...


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