My second time at Les Elfes brings me altogether  new experience. After attending the  Spring camp three years ago , this year  I was very sure that i wanted t come back to Les Elfes  not because of only fun but also  as an Intern I would be entitled to  work under the guidance of the  staff .  This was indeed an opportunity for me not only to experience adulthood , but also come back to normalcy after two years of COVID bubble life. Summer camp at Les Elfes turned out to be much more than I had thought; I not only experienced  various aspects of  leadership, but also learnt  the strength of team work.
Lake day was my favourite day yet. Because the scenery plus being there with my all friends was absolutely amazing. That day will be imprinted in my brain forever. It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, beautiful day and the activities were the highlight of my day. Tubing was the most fun thing I’ve ever done. Being in the cool water, going so fast was so so much. I loved being there and wish I could stay in the water for ever. 
Being at Les elfes again is so nostalgic and it feels like home. The first time the day I was leaving I cried so much because I didn’t wanna leave. This time I’m sure I’ll do the same even at 16. The campus, the staff and the surroundings are so positive and upbeat all the time you never feel let down. As the days go by you settle in and it suddenly feels like home. The activities throughout the day are planned so we’ll you don’t have time to be bored. And meeting so many people from all over the world makes you understand other cultures and makes you ready to jump into the real world. If you’re travelling alone for the first time you miss your parents and home a lot. But even in my first time at Les elfes when I was homesick the instructors were so helpful and I developed a relationship with them that now I have a home here. And there is always parental guidance and love here. That’s why I love Les elfes. I wish I could come back every year. 
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